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      Shandong Chuangdian Intelligent Technology CO., Ltd. was established in June, 2018. The company focuses on research, development and application of graphic images, computer vision, and other artificial intelligence technologies in the field of medicine and health. Our intelligent vision products and related solutions range now cover medical packaging, medical appliance and medicine production with 100% self-design and development in the sectors of bottom algorithm engine, whole-machine design and communication control. The products have been widely applied in more than ten provinces and nearly a hundred of well-known enterprises in China, such as Qilu Pharmaceutical,Zhengchuang Pharmaceutical Packaging and Weigao etc.,;and exported to South Korea, Russia and other countries.

      With the mission of “Technology Empowers Traditional Industries, Intelligent Technology Helps Human Life and Wellbeing”, the Company takes German Heuft and Italian Sacmi as standards and benchmarks, is committed to becoming a world-class integrated product provider for the pharmaceutical industry based on computer vision, artificial intelligence and 5G technology with professional intelligent visual platform and solutions.

      Shandong Chuangdian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you to visit our company and your comments are important to us. We will provide you with the most consummated solution based on our service, quality and technology. Let's carry the dream, hand in hand, for a new era of intelligent technology.


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